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We Love Our Community!

We feel so blessed to have the honor and privilege of being a part of our community! We strongly believe in supporting our community as much as we are able.

In that regard, we get donation requests. Unfortunately, the combined or accumulated value of those requests exceeds our budget for such. We must, therefore, wisely control our commitments so as not to exceed our resources - just as any business must. As a result, we must selectively fulfill such requests. Quite often our means do not stretch to meet our heart! We ask for and hope for your understanding in this!

To help us make our decision, we ask that you complete the form below. We do not honor any donation requests without this form. We must stand firm in this policy so as to best ensure fairness and equity in distributing our limited resources.

Two important notes:

a. Requests must be submitted to Oviedo Florist no later than 30 days in advance. We normally budget on a monthly basis so want to be able to consider all requests before committing our limited resources

b. All requests must be presented in person at the shop. Unfortunately, there are scammers and telemarketers who unscrupulously make false requests. We would like to meet the person making the request. This also give us some level of reassurance that the request is coming from a member of our community.

Request for Oviedo Florist to provide Donation/Advertising Form